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Dear guest of badel.de,

we are delighted to welcome now also international visitors to our homepage.

This is the private homepage of the Badel-family living in Garbsen, Germany.

Step after step you will find english translations of our content, most likely with focus on Beate's Poseable Figures first.
Until a complete translation is achieved you will find that we have plenty of pictures of all kind that should speak for themselves.

We encourage you to get in touch with us if you find information that is of interest for you.

For the time being many links will lead you to German pages. Please use the "Back"-functionality of your browser or browse back via "Home" to English pages.
News on Badel.de
News from Frank
Cervelo 2008
Cervelo-race bike
Cycling (16.3.08)
Dancing on waves
Photo gallery of
Cruise in the Meditteranean Sea
Large photo gallery of bike training on Mallorca
Photo gallery
Cycling training in Mallorca
to photo gallery about Durango&Silverton
Photo gallery of historic steam train Durango & Silverton (28.1.06)
News from Beate
Gallery Poseable Figures Cards
to card gallery Poseable Figures 2009
2009 Upd.
Photo series of Poseable Figures (27.12.08)
creating Poseable Figures
Modified: animation creating Poseable Figures, including new hands (26.3.05)
Workshop Photography
of Poseable Figures,
3rd part